Enterprise Class Business Management Platform


Take Complete Control of Business

Take complete control of your business will a solution that goes beyond the traditional ERP solutions. DWA Commerce not only helps you mange your core Business Operations (Enterprise Resource Planning), but also your Customers (Customer Relationship Management), Supply Chain (Supply Chain Management), as well as Manufacturing Processes (Manufacturing Resource Planning)

Enterprise Class Solution

Enterprises are complex organizations, often spanning multiple geographies, cultures, legal authorities.
DWA Commerce empowers you to manage the typical complexities of large enterprises, including but not limited to multiple stores and warehouses across geos. That said DWA Commerce can equally effeciently manage Startups as well as SMEs

Manufacturing Management

Manage and track your production processes
DWA Commerce offers comprehensive features that help you manage and track you manufacting prodution process as well as material resource planning.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Comprehensive set of features that help you optimize business operation
DWA Commerce offers most features of ERP solution including Product Information Management, Merchandising, Order Management [Sales, Purchase & Return], Inventory & Warehouse Management, Taxation, AP / AR, Granular Security

Supply Chain Management

Automate your procurement process & optimize your costs
DWA Commerce helps take prompt decisions regarding your purchases by managing and tracking your product / raw-material suppliers. This helps you optimize your procurement cost as well as minimize investments in stock.

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